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Times Around the Globe (Summer Savings Time)
for browsers versions < 3.0.  Other time resources
Location Time
Java Enabled
Universal Standard Time UST/UTC Clock requires Java enabled browsers
Atlanta, Miami, New York City EDT clock requires Java enabled browsers
Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans CDT
Denver, Salt Lake City MDT
Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle PDT
Other US cities    
top of page International    
Hong Kong HKT
London GMT/BST
Paris, Rome CEST
Moscow MSK/MSD
Shanghai, Beijing CST
Sydney EST
Tokyo JST

Other Time Resources
The Time
Zone Page
4star.gif (1087 bytes)Get current time. Input city name, list of cities, or select from a list of 600 different cities WW. Excellent for checking teleconference schedules, since all cities of interest can be entered simultaneously.
World Clocks Simultaneous display of times in >100 cities WW.  Java World Clock; The World Clocks (updates every 5 min.) Get times for a comprehensive list of cities by region.
Select the hyperlink, then scroll down about 1/2 page and select the city of interest to obtain the current time.
World Clock Map (cities and times), World Time Zone Map, CIA World Time Zone map (long download time!), International Time and Date Standard (description of ISO8601), Universal Time Conventions, Daylight Savings Changeover Dates. Local times around the world.
**Note: Not all places in the U.S. observe daylight savings time, including Arizona, Hawaii, and most of Indiana. Also, these clocks are updated according to the US savings time schedule. Other countries change to daylight savings on a different schedule. Thus the International clocks may be off for a few days in April and October.
*Clock Explanation: These clocks use the clock in your computer as a reference to calculate times in other cities.  Please make sure your computer clock is correct. Check the Time Zone Page for your city's time. The disparity in times (seconds/minutes) is due to differential load times. Java clock courtesy of M.Muquit.

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